Friends Cut pt. 1

So, I was in much need of a Friends Cut.

For those of you who were cut it was because,
- You stopped updating out of the blue (I don't mind hiatuses, but I don't want any sitting ducks on my f-list)
- I didn't connect with you at all
- You never commented/talked to me.

& that is pretty much it.
If you return, and would like to be added back to my Friends List, then please leave a comment here & give me a GOOD reason why I should add you again.

Obviously, those that didn't get cut: If you can still read my entries before/after this? Then you're still on :)


From here on in? I will be doing a friends cut every couple of months. So, don't add me if you're just goin to be a sitting duck on my shit, yo.


Comment Anonymously.
Say whatever you want! How you feel about me, a story, secrets on catchin smurfs! Just post anything anonymously! Spam me, if you want with funny pictures & jokes.
Do NOT try & Add me here, I will ignore it.
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